Sunday, 14 April 2013


Everyone knows Switzerland is an expensive place to visit, and Bern is no exception. However, the best and priceless sights in Bern are all free. I climbed up the hill (about 7-9 stories high with no steps) to Rosengarten and was treated to a spectacular view of the city. It's a Saturday and families, couples and tourists are basking in the sun.

Maybe it's because it's a Saturday, but Bern feels slow, peaceful and relaxed. Streets are relatively busy with pedestrians and cafes are almost full. People seem to take their time to eat. There's no rush at all. No one's shoving anyone and the cars stop for almost all pedestrians.

Even the bears at Barenpark are out to greet us. A sign at the ticket booth says it'll resume services at 2:30. At 2:36, the staff's probably still on their long coffee break. There is a sticker at the window of the booth that says "Quality service".

At the hotel where I'm staying, I notice the same person who came into the bar of the hotel for a drink last night. I have a feeling he'll return tomorrow.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was my aimless stroll near the Aare River and catching a glimpse of the Alps near sunset. Priceless.

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