Sunday, 14 April 2013


Going to Basel this morning was a spontaneous decision when flipping through the guidebook at the store 10 mins before I boarded the train. The best part of my trip was that I had no preconceived ideas of Basel and it was a delightful surprise to my advantage.

Basel's tagline is "Culture Unlimited" and it's hard not to see why. There are about 40 museums and there is beautiful architecture all around. One of them is the Vitra Design Museum which I passed because there was insufficient time.

"How do I get to the Vitra Design Museum?" I asked the lady at he information counter.

"Oh you have to go to Germany!" She replied.

Wait, Germany? She sounded like Germany was just a bus stop away (and in fact it kinda was!) I then looked at the map and understood why. Basel is at the junction of three countries and France and Germany are literally neighbours.

With such a unique location, its no wonder that Basel is a cultural charm. The old town is historic with quaint houses and narrow streets. Every turn and corner will surprise the visitor. It has modern buildings and traditional houses and cathedrals to boast. It's truly an architect's heaven.

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