Friday, 6 February 2015

"Ordinary" Gifts

Often I tend to think of God's blessings as big presents or surprises you get, like those on your birthday, forgetting that sometimes His blessings come in small sizes too. Just like big presents, we can get easily excited over them and we get caught up in how big they are. Like God working big miracles e.g. In the parting the red sea or causing the wall of Jericho to fall down. We, or I forget that He is also the God who feeds us, like how he fed Elijah or the 5,000. Sometimes I forget that God's blessings can come like small presents, but are still gifts nonetheless.

As I reflect, I am reminded of how God has blessed us in simple ways like the supply of food on the table. Ever since Mum fell sick, we have had food cooked by my Grandfather's maid daily. I never had to worry if there would be food on the table since Mum would not be cooking. And I don't have to worry if there's food in the fridge because they always seem to be well stocked.

I also think back on those days when I was cooking dinner and on some days I underestimated (unplanned) the portions and ended up having lesser food. God has shown me that he does indeed supply us our daily bread. I remember a few occasions when some of Mum's friends came to deliver soup to us and would happen to bring extra food for us. And it truly is daily bread because God does provides us with food on a daily basis. The food which people give are not just adequate but more than enough. And I think this also gives us a glimpse into God's resources and gifts. He is more than enough and he will supply us our needs and according to His riches in glory.

It's amazing just as I was thinking about God's blessings and here I am reminded again that God's blessings come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Even in little, ordinary seemingly less dramatised ways. They are also gifts and are also God's way of telling us how he loves us so.

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