Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Future Grace; Day 3

This is quite a straightforward chapter with little to debate about.

The root of anxiety is due to our inadequate faith in God. We get anxious because we have little faith in God's future grace.

I think anxiety is one of those things that Christians (or basically all) have to battle with. We can't help but worry over things present in our lives or the future because it seems dangerously unknown. And we are often encouraged or told to not worry but trust in God's timing and provision.

I liked how John Piper actually wrote that the way to fight anxieties is to fight against unbelief, and fight for faith in future grace. I think I tend to do more of the former, but neglect the latter, but both are equally necessary in the constant battle against anxiety. 


  1. amen to that!!! Thanks for the encouraging post.

  2. Thanks for the great reminder of not just what we are fighting against, but also what we are fighting for and fixing our eyes on. May we continue to live a life that is continually transformed by the past grace shown to us through Jesus death and rising, the daily grace given us amidst our many weaknesses, and the hope of future grace when Jesus returns :)

  3. Wow had no idea people read my blog haha! Thanks guys!

    Couldn't have said it better Vanessa! ;)