Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What up 2013

It's the end of January! Am I relieved it's all over. I can sum up the first month of 2013 with a word: tough.

1. Macbook spoiled and I haven't been able to use a computer for a month! I've decided to go anti-Apple now and have a Dell as a replacement. Apple's strategy: They make you fall in love with their sleek design and technology...till you are robbed and you can't use anything else other than Apple. (Just  like me and Windows 8) You remain loyal to the brand...till death. Thankfully, I'm not going to fall for that trap!

2. I'm in debt. Sorta. Got a call from the debt collectors one day telling me to pay up a sum of money I owe because of some complications with my pay. I'm willing to pay (more like I have to!) but just the right amount because the amount they quoted was twice as much.

3. Passed my driving test on the 4th try! Yes, four time's a charm. The first time I had a tester, who in my instructor's words was a "bloody bitch", and failed me because I didn't do an obvious head check. The second time I decided to be a rebel and had 3 disobeys (and I ignored the tester's instructions and went my own way). The third time...was really a combination of faults - mine, the tester's and the driver behind me. And the fourth time was indeed by grace. I don't think I'd have passed if not for that. My legs were like jelly when I stepped out of the car after the entire test. I think I could finally breathe again after half an hour.

4. A job opportunity rose! But alas! More complications and the verdict now is that I can't stay and will be leaving on a jetplane. Sad as this sounds, I'm rather content. I don't think there's really much words to describe how I feel but I'm thankful for the time I spent here. It's been a great 2 years.

And it's only 31 days into 2013.

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