Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 in retrospect

Last year...

I visited many places in Australia. There was Sydney, Hobart, Great Ocean Road, Grampians. Australia is truly a scenic place and it's blessed with such beautiful scenery. I learn to drive, took two driving tests and failed twice.

I had never felt so passionate about design and my work. I worked, had slightly more freelance jobs. My work got featured in Lovely Package, Packaging of the World and Behance. I even saw my work pinned on Pinterest and it was quite a surreal feeling to see my work up there. I was even one of the 15 shortlisted for a book cover competition. Didn't get it, but the experience itself was already rewarding.

I went to agIdeas for the first time and it was amazing. Being surrounded in a big conference hall with some other 2000 creatives was a great feeling. Then of course, there was the stupid mix up dates caused by me and I missed my studio visit with Fabio Ongarato Design.

I guess one of the highlights of 2012 was the trip to Sydney. It was my first trip overseas (well, sorta) with friends and I can remember we going to the Opera House every night and enjoying the scenary.

This year...

I want to find a job

I will pass my driving test (three time's a charm!)

Be content

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