Friday, 5 October 2012

Welcome October!

It's October! I can't believe it's already October. I still recall downloading the countdown app to my graduation in January and it was about 300+ days and now when I look at it, it's 68! I'm looking forward to December really! It's Summertime and the days are longer especially with daylight savings! I love daylight savings! Hopefully by then we'd have moved into a new place and say sayonara to 2 years of basement living!

But right now there's 2 ongoing projects and both of them are real jobs! I've got some photos below...

 The first mockup. This was not my original idea but I just thought of it along the way (and on Tue night) and did it. Proves to show that processes are important! The 'W' doesn't cut very nicely and I can't get it right! So I've tried experimenting with different solutions and honestly I felt like an idiot. I mean, it seems relatively right? I spent 1 hour or so figuring it out.

Sort of got it eventually. I really like how the two layers appear because of the die cut! Plus with the grey card as the interior box, I can save on printing white ink on black paper! Now it's all about finding the right stock! I've actually ordered some samples from K.W Doggett (Keaykolour) and BJ Ball papers (Notturno) so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for them to arrive!

And look! When you put them together it'll form a shape! Good for display I guess. 

I've made an interesting observation about my work recently. I feel that I can't seem to run away from using colour in my designs. I've always wanted to try the minimalistic, clean, simple design styles you see in September Industry etc but somehow every time I try to do that I achieve that result with colour. What I'm saying is that I think in all or most of my designs, colour is the focal point of the piece! Somehow I think my trademark design style (if you can say so!) is to keep things simple and have pops of colour to make the piece stand out.

For example, for the Wildlife Vic project the photos were treated with a yellow-green gradient and whenever I think of the project I remember that colour. Similarly, when I see the street van identity, I recall the bright green colour! Even my lecture notes for this semester! They are in black with a contrasting colour accompanying it! Hmmm, I remember what someone said when I once went for an interview in Singapore. The creative director commented that my strength was the use of colour and I agree with him, especially after making that discovery. I guess it's a good thing even though it seems trivial. How hard is it to pick colours?? 

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