Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The week in pictures

It's a really crazy week so far, but it's now or never! Been rushing to do test prints, taking photos for my folio, assembling mockups and all... The photos taken with the help of Jia Jia turned out amazing! The photos looked more awesome with Photoshop! Ah, the power of Photoshop! I just pray and hope that my efforts will pay off in the end and I'll do the very best I can, for the last time in school. And just when I thought things would be over after this, there's this stupid elective exam that I have to do and it's worth 50%. For the first time I think I'll be wondering if I'll ever pass an exam/paper! I have no idea how to answer the questions and I don't even want to start...yet. Thankfully it's due at the end of Week 14 and I'll do that after all of this ends. And then it's moving time and flying back time!

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  1. wow nice studio photo set up in the last picture!!