Tuesday, 18 September 2012

When Clara meets Clarity and Clarendon

Self promo stuff about 50% complete...I'm eager to see how my laser cut stuff will look like tomorrow! I'm nervous now that I realised that it's about 4cm x 3cm which is tiny!!! I hope they won't look so small as they seem and hope they'll make an impact!

Lots of stuff happening tomorrow...for starters, the beer packaging is due tomorrow!!! I've finished the mock ups etc but my bad crafting skill has brought down the whole thing! Sheesh, I wish I was better at crafting sometimes and had more patience! Mum's birthday is tomorrow and iOS6 is out tomorrow! Plus we'll be getting the new brief, I have to send off stuff to Yana and I'll be collecting my laser cut stuff! Looking forward! 

Also, I thought it was about time I started out doing my name cards and getting them printed. Have some options below and I would definitely want my monogram embossed in clear and the other words perhaps letterpressed? Let's see the budget first!

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