Sunday, 9 September 2012

What have I gotten myself into?

A random conversation today in church lead to me volunteering my services to design the spreads for the church's 140th anniversary magazine. It's about 52 pages and that's not the difficult part. I've done 64pages with diagrams for RMIT before. The challenging part of this is doing typesetting in Chinese!

It's a challenge indeed because it's all text based and in 1 colour. I have to try to make it look inviting without having to resort to using "edgy" fonts or beautiful grotesk or didonian style fonts which I loveeee, but I think the conservative church members would go "noooooo....!" Besides, it's my first time working with them and this is pro-bono so I want to do a good job for it. 

Some spreads I've done so far...I started at about 4pm and I've done about 10-14 spreads. Go me! The fonts I've used for this are Gerard Unger's Swift and Benton Sans.

My second choice for the body copy would be Utopia. Utopia has kind of an old style to it and I like it because it reflects the heritage and history of the church. It's 140 years old, but yet the font's not so classical or old.

The only thing that grips me is how these fonts would look like on a coated stock...which is how they would probably print the magazine on! I wonder if uncoated stocks would be cheaper than coated stocks? My hunch is that it probably will not be. I don't really like coated stocks because its gloss is too much for me. Besides, I like the natural and raw texture of uncoated paper! If only I could convince them to go for an uncoated stock...!


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