Sunday, 9 September 2012

Totally random

So...I've done up some spreads last night and did a test print this afternoon and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Showed my friend the cover and she we shared the same sentiments on it. The document's very wordy and there are hardly any photos available to use...which is not good. Gonna try and do my best with it!

Also, on a happier note, my swatches for the portfolio came! I'm quite excited about it! I'm torn between coated onyx and metallic lava. The metallic colours look great on screen but for some reason they are a little too metallic for me? Ironic. The coated onyx on the other hand is like a 95% black which is great because it's not totally black black but it's a different shade of black! Plus the material is smooth and really nice! 

Now the next thing emboss or not to emboss? To foil stamp or not to foil stamp?

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