Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Self Promo

My worst nightmare has come true. The new project brief we received today is a self promotional piece. I can still remember the class on that in poly and it was not a fun experience at all... Le sigh.

Anyhow, doing this promotional piece calls for some intrapersonal skills! Questions like
 - Who are you as a designer?
- What are your strengths?
- What are your interests?
- Special skills?
- Characteristics and capabilities?
- What do you want your piece of communication say about you?

I feel that my strengths as a designer are visible in my typography, layout and problem solving skills. I know that illustration isn't my strength and I'm not really confident in my drawing skills. Maybe I should take up drawing after I graduate? Hmmmm?

I have 4 concepts so far and they are rather rough. Basically I want to say 3 things:
- My typographic skills
- My love for print
- I enjoy problem solving (or I have both left and right brain skills. I'm really logical and analytical, yet creative)

The first idea is to use lego blocks as an imagery for a series of postcards or print material. As a child I played with lots of lego and they are a great way to build creativity.

Probably the second of my favourites. It's a cube block that can be opened and there's alot of areas for information to go on it. Plus I like it cos you get to show this thing about left brain and right brain thing because you can flip the left/right section open. Plus it this cube design thing could potentially show my typographic skills as well.

A typographic tea towel. With everyone sending out printed stuff I figured that sending a non-printed thing would catch someone's eye. Plus if I think well of the way it's going to be packaged it would not arrive in the studio as a box. It could be in a tube format and this could get more attention.

Another of my favourite. Was thinking of an acrylic jigsaw puzzle because I love problem solving. Was thinking of the tagline and maybe it could be "Am I the missing piece to your studio?" Or maybe not. I'm not sure. I think this project is rather narcissistic. It feels funny having infographics of me on the piece of work though it's about me essentially. I feel awkward and uncomfortable selling yourself e.g. saying stuff like "I'm creative and imaginative" feels a little boastful. I know one is trying to be positive and have good self-esteem but maybe there are ways to say you are creative without saying those 3 words? 

I wonder how creative directors would react if they received something that from students with stuff like "Hire me, I'm creative and passionate". Okay, ignore the passionate part. Surely there are more synonyms for passionate. It's way too overused and it makes your cover letter look cheesy IMO! But saying you're creative? In TP a lecturer told us not to use the word "creative" when describing yourself. I'm sure the CDs would snigger when you say you're creative because compared to them you are nothing! Maybe that was what my lecturer was trying to get at. And I agree to him in some extent. Plus, a little modesty goes a long way. 

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