Thursday, 16 August 2012

Zenne: Labels

I wish I could show examples online of another project we're doing but alas, we're told to keep it (especially the title of the book) under lock and key.

Had a consult yesterday regarding my progress of the beer packaging and I've come up with 3 concepts.
Concept 1:
Simple, honest and pure. Simple typography. If I were to go with this, I think I would need a bottle that stands out a bit more to differentiate it from other brands. Maybe try a white bottle? Or a clear, transparent one?

Concept 2:
The windmill illustration will be etched on the bottle and a tag will go round the neck of the bottle. Obviously the windmill will be the focus point of this bottle and will be something people will remember when they think of Zenne.

Concept 3:
An angular, hexagon sticker label which matches the geometric typography of the logo. Was thinking this could be letterpressed on thick, cotton stock (something that resembles Neenah Columns). Alternatively, this could be etched on wood as well. 

I wish I could do a mockup of all 3 options but they seem a bit unfeasible now because I have no money to do a $70 etching for a mere mockup! Guess my best bet is to visualize it right now. I'm kinda leaning towards concept 1...

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