Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Zenne: Halfway there!

This is how the bottle looks like after much revision. It's getting there and I'm pleased with the results. These are the colour test prints and each one is subtly different from another. I've also done the etching on the bottle and they are looking good! Hopefully that effect would bring out the premium look! I've just got a few little touch-ups on what to do and after that I'm all good to leave this aside and start on the four carry pack!

- Label edges. Need to make it look more deliberate plus hand torn? I wanted to have a deckled effect and I think it's getting there. Might have to do more trial and error with it.

- Bottle cap and colour. Should I spray paint it? I would do it with a cream coloured label that matches the colour of the brand. Did some options of what would be on the label and it's gonna be a windmill. 

- The logo embossed. I've not tried that at all yet because the embossing done by self looks terrible! It doesn't look professional and you can't really see the 'bump' clearly. 

On another note, I've just received some good news and I'm brimming with excitement! Fingers crossed and hopefully it's going to be even better news! Thy will be done God!  

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