Thursday, 30 August 2012

Folio Concepts

I have been deliberating over my folio for a while and I've decided I would spend the money to make a screw post bound book. I suppose it's one of the more practical folios considering that one can actually move the pages around and re-arrange them. And I like it because unlike solander boxes with rings you don't get to see those gaps or rings in between when you flip the pages.

Anyhow, I couldn't decide on the colours or the look, plus I'm ordering it from the US and I'm not sure when the swatches would reach so I've done a digital mock up version of it!

I'm kinda leaning toward the bottom left design. The colour is called metallic lava and I'm thinking of doing a copper foil stamp of my name. The type choices aren't alot and I'm not extremely fond of it...but I'll make do. It's either Copperplate Gothic or Franklin Gothic 36pt. I'm so glad I decided to do a mockup of it because I was going to go ahead with metallic steel which looks great on the swatches palette but after consideration feels a bit old and dated for me. 

I might just do some test prints to scale tomorrow and see how they actually look! Can't wait!

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