Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cullen mockups and more

It's been a crazy week for me so far. My hard disk for my macbook was failing failed and I had to send it for repair. They replaced the hard disk and my macbook got upgraded to the Mountain Lion OS. It's not a bad thing actually, and I'm enjoying the ML interface. 

I hit a roadblock with my designs for the Cullen hotel amenities range as well. It's tough and I really got stuck with getting the look and feel of it. My previous ideas were mainly centered around art and painting, and looking back I felt it was quite a literal approach to it. Most people who did The Cullen had roughly the same idea as me- it's an art hotel, splashes of paint to look arty etc and I didn't want to go with that idea too. 

I was walking and thinking on my way to the repair store yesterday and for some reason the phrase "Adam Cullen also enjoyed exploring the animalistic side of humans" kept recurring inside my head. I wasn't sure where I read it from but it then gave me the idea of using animals as an imagery for my design. Furthermore, animals seem to be a muse for Adam Cullen as well. One can see that there were alot of paintings of animals when they walk into the hotel. 

I suppose the way to approach this project is to do it with a bit of humour and wit. Afterall, this isn't some stuffy 5-class luxury hotel that's classy and modern. It's the Cullen, and it's bold and has got lots of character to it. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Initial label designs

Frosted glass (hopefully it exudes the luxury feel!)

As of 2 August, 8:44pm. 

It feels little. 3 items just seems a little...little? I like the placement of the words and the logos. It's like the invisible eyes and mouths of the animals! Anyhow, I think to push it further I can start thinking of witty titles for the items rather than just naming them "shampoo" or "soap". I guess that's the beauty of an extension of deadline! You can have more time to think and look at your classmates' work tomorrow morning and see how everyone's doing! 

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