Monday, 6 August 2012

Things I've learnt from this packaging class so far

I'm finally done with my assignment! Phew!


Photo quality isn't that good...but you get the idea of this bathroom amenities range. I'm pretty pleased with the end results. I think it's different from all others and I think this has got personality. I was struggling with bringing out the look and feel of The Cullen before this and I'm glad that it's resolved. Not sure what reactions I'll get from this but so far people have said they liked the idea of it and they think it's cute.

Anyhow, the objective of going to school is to learn right? And so long as I tell myself grades are just a number and not really an indicator of how good you are (it's subjective), I'm happy. I wish people and my classmates knew that going to school was for their own good and not follow whatever the lecturer says blindly. Like they'll tell you to change this or that. Question them, you don't necessarily have to agree but take it with a pinch of salt. Ultimately, you make the decision and my experience working as a designer in RMIT has taught me to be decisive and assertive. Always trust your instincts and listen to your own design voice.

What I've learnt so far:

1. Packaging is 3D. What looks nice on the illustrator canvas might not necessarily look nice in real life.
2. Materials are so important. They can lift your design and bring you from zero to hero.
3. So are colours. Colours can really set the mood and tone of the design.
4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS back up your designs. My hard disk crashed last night and I was devastated.
5. Packaging isn't really cut out for me. :X

After all that long talk...yes packaging isn't cut out for me. Don't think it's one of my strengths. After all, you can't really be everything... Well some folks manage to be everything and that's just splendid. But for regular folks like me, I think I want to specialize and make my A's into a A*.

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