Wednesday, 25 July 2012

So....what's next?

So the name's been settled, the colours and fonts as well... Our next step is to come up with 4 visual directions for the packaging. Errrr, 4 in what? 2 days??? That's insane and intensive! 

Nevertheless I have had 2 concepts for the options so far. 

Idea one is based on art/picture frames you see in the gallery. I wanted the products to look classy and premium, like a piece of art hanging in the gallery. 

The second idea is my favourite currently, because I like the idea of having them displayed in paint tubes so match the whole idea of an artist kit. The products will be packed in a box, something like the Jurlique one I've referenced and there will be a die cut window in the middle of the box, just like the first idea. 

Couple more options I've done up

So I've basically run out of ideas...not a good thing...! Option 3 is built upon option 2- similar package but different designs. 

And the last idea. I quite like it. It's minimal and clean. And different. The logo is at the top right hand corner and it's a deliberate attempt to make it look asymmetrical. I like it, but I'm skeptical. I'm not sure how the reaction will be like when people look at that. 

They'll probably go "Ewww, it's so plain!" or "It's not bold enough for The Cullen!" I reckon I would hear the latter being said more often than the first. I wonder if it's not edgy or bold enough for The Cullen. I mean, I think there's a difference between the artist himself and the hotel. 

Yes the artist's work is bold and brash, but the hotel and the interior is modern and contemporary. The colour scheme is quite monochromatic and there are a few stand out pieces like the paintings, the signature paintings on the frosted glass window near the bathroom and the Ghost chair by Philippe Stark. 

Renato gave some advice and said when designing we should consider how the product will sit with the interior of the bathroom. What are the materials like? What is the colour scheme? What is the product going to be like? What is the hotel's budget? Get into the head of the consumers or the target audience. What would they like to see in the hotel? 

Honestly, it's quite hard because so long as there are my basic necessities, I'm all good. What would travellers want? I thought of having a clothes sachet hanger as part of the set. People who stay here are a stylish bunch. I'm sure they want to look good, and smell good as well. Alternatively, I'm thinking of doing wet tissues. It's a boring and obvious choice, but I reckon that would be my fall back idea. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow! 

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