Thursday, 19 July 2012

Packaging brief: Bathroom amenities for luxury hotel

I can't believe I have time to actually upload images of my process work even though I need to show 4 concepts tomorrow for the direction! But I figure out this is my last semester here and I really want to focus on the process of designing and not just doing it for the sake of handing it up and have a nice, pretty folio. 
We were told to design 3 items for a hotel given to us. I was assigned to do The Cullen's and it's a pretty interesting and unique hotel! 

The hotel pays homage to Adam Cullen, an artist. His paintings are hung all over the hotel. I would feel honoured if I were him!

If I were to describe The Cullen, I would say that it's bold, contemporary, trendy, stylish, quirky and colourful. The architecture of the building is fantastic! It has this lime green cubes sticking out and according to the architect, it's got this push-pull effect going on there. 

See how the some cubes jut out and some retract?

I think it's pretty cool that I'm doing this hotel. Some other classmates got stuff like The Prince, Hotel Lindrum or the Mansion at Weribee! I'm glad for The Cullen because it's edgy and you can be really creative with the designs! It's not really my style though and I don't think I would stay there? Not cos it's expensive (like $249 lowest?) but I think it's got an older target audience. Nevertheless, it's really cool! It's part of an Art Series group and I think I like The Olsen amongst all! 

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