Saturday, 28 July 2012

Itch to travel

Ever since I've come back from beautiful Sydney, I've been thinking about my next destination. And I definitely want a grad trip! Right now, I'm contemplating between having a long term stay and a short term holiday.
1. Backpack round Australia (since I'm already here). I can omit a few places like Sydney which I've been to, Adelaide because I've been told it's boring and Perth which is a bit far. So that leaves me with Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory. I'm dying to visit Tasmania and I heard it's lovely there! I've always wanted to see mountains and Cradle Mountain is there! 

2. Europe. A bit of a bold choice here and I think I would want to go alone for preference's sake. Not sure where, but if I do go I would want to visit Western Europe?

3. Southeast Asia. Go back to my roots and get in touch with my Southeast Asian heritage! Not a bad idea actually considering it's the cheapest option out of the four. I do want to visit Hanoi! Maybe I'll ride a bicycle from Thailand to China! Okay, I'm really thinking aloud here... 

4. Japan. Go to the country my brother has been dying and (begging) me to go. Wouldn't mind an Asian country after being in a Western country for long. 

It's still early I know! 

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