Saturday, 5 May 2012

Creativity takes courage

I had an interesting experience in my psychology class on Wednesday this week. The theme for the week was on the Creative Self which I was really thrilled about since I consider myself to be a creative person. 
We did this exercise which was like a creative inner self meditation. The first few minutes were awkward and uncomfortable because we were lying down on the floor with our knees up and had to feel our body? It became funnier later because we were making noises (as told) and had to match Angelea’s voice (who was the co-ordinator). So yes, imagine all of us in class lying on the floor humming away…
Anyhow, I’ve posted up a really good quote on creativity by Henri Matisse which I think really sums up what creativity is about. I felt that I could be most creative when I wasn’t so self-conscious or worried what others would think of me. I mean, I’m my own worst critic, but others can be armchair critics too so there’s always this pressure of having to do your best. Having said that, my take home lesson for the day was not be so self-conscious and be proud that I have creativity in my bones because that’s how God made me. 

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