Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Musings on Semester One

So time flies, and it’s one more week till the end of the semester. Comparing my work in Sem 1 and Sem 2, I really feel there’s a change in my work and hopefully, this means that I’m growing as a designer. I guess the most valuable lesson I’ve taken back this semester is what Stephen Banham said. He said that as young designers, we tend to want to be creative and innovative in our design and layouts etc. but as you mature as a designer, you’ll tend to realise that legibility is beautiful and simplicity is great. I find that so true. In my design work, I keep thinking of pushing the boundaries (not to say that’s not right) and coming up with creative layouts without fully considering how the user will read it. 

Also, I’m really happy to be in Niko’s class. His approach and style to teaching is great, although sometimes I’m really in a blur because his words are so abstract! He likens typography to cooking and playing the piano. He said typography is like cooking, first you do the basics and prepare the ingredients or layout. Then, slowly, you add in your condiments and salt and pepper to season and refine the taste of it. And it’s really practical because he said when you design, you start of with 1 point of difference (i.e size, colour, weight etc.) and work that up. He also mentioned typography to performing on stage. The pianist practices hard playing the scales and he knows he’s practicing it not for himself, but for the audience. Similarly, typography’s job is not to decorate (so much so for the designer) but ultimately, like what Robert Bringhurst says, “typography exists to honour content”. So true and so wise.

I think my work this semester has sort of become more minimal and simple? Comparing to my first semester work which is really the old me - colourful and cute. I’ve got some examples to show. By the way, I find this reflection and critiquing of my work helpful and I recommend all designers to do that.

This is the cover. I thought it’d be nice to show a bit of what I like (hand-drawn type) as well as to make it personal.

Kinda realise there’s alot of hand-drawn type around!

Probably one of my favourites so far! Hmm, thinking about packaging next year?

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